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"How to create and publish real, original, and valuable non-fiction Kindle books with LESS than 3 hours of total effort!"

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Get your Kindle books done in record time using this amazing new wizard that streamlines the entire process of creating professional-level, original, unique interview books for Kindle... and More!

Takes less than 10 - 15 minutes to generate everything you need to create amazing interview books for Kindle on any topic you choose!

  • kbwWorks on both PC and MAC
  • 11 Unique Customized Interviews with 2 different lengths each (full book or fast report)
  • Custom Book Listing Description for Amazon
  • Custom Interview Cover Letter for inside your book
  • Custom Author Bio Page
  • 100+ Customized Book Title Templates
  • Stealth closes for Content Marketing
  • Custom email messages to approach Experts and hosts (plus follow up, referral requests, and more)
  • splash-2Customized Stealth Closes to use in content marketing
  • Custom Chapter Titles for all 11 interviews
  • Custom Sales Copy Bullets for all 11 interviews
  • Complete Sales Letter Copy for both FREE and PAID versions of your new book
  • Complete, Customized Slide Decks for ALL 11 Interviews for use as Webinars
  • ... and much, MUCH More!
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You Should Buy The 3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard ONLY If…


  • If you like the idea of accomplishing a major project in 3 hours total effort;
  • If you want a streamlined process for completing a legitimate book from “thought to finished” product in less than half a day of total work;
  • If you want an easy to understand and implement method for fast book creation and you need help with outlining non-fiction books not just interviewing;
  • If the thought of being able to create a book in such a short time is compelling for you (and you want a proven STRUCTURE that organizes your thoughts and makes it doable);
  • If you are already a writer, but you want to write more non-fiction kindle books in a shorter amount of time;
  • 110314_1355_WritersBloc1.pngIf you are excited to learn a new, PROVEN technique for rapid product creation and you want a step-by-step system for doing it;
  • If you’re curious about the process to get a book done in 3 hours and you’re excited about having a quick way to organize your thoughts;
  • If NOW is the perfect time for you to finally get that book done and you want scripts and templates that have Jim’s years of copywriting and book writing experience embedded in them;
  • If you love the idea of having your own, unique, original book as the IDEAL business card for you and your business, but you realize that without this software it would take FOR EVER.  (You feel that this software is the shortcut to becoming the acknowledged expert in your field.)
  • holding_heart_400_clr_10867If you’d like to publish a series of guides on Kindle to make money;
  • If you’ve always wanted to write Kindle books, but it always seemed like such a big project - even for a short book. But now you see it all boiled down to answering questions in a script - which you can easily do;
  • If the idea that creating a good, original Kindle book can actually be accomplished in such a short period of time and you want the good, insider information and tools that can jumpstart your career as an author;
  • If you want invaluable insights into writing your first Kindle book, along with amazing content and a great strategy for finally getting it done.


If any or all of those reasons get you excited, then you need to jump on the “3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard” with both feet!

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ACT NOW And You Also Get...

BONUS: 2-Part Training + Checklist
"Create Your Own Unique Kindle Books in 3 Hours Flat"

3-hour-kindle-graphicHow to create and publish real, original, and valuable non-fiction Kindle books with LESS than 3 hours of total effort!

  • Exactly how to create the content for your books without writing (in fact, if you have a hard time writing, this method was MADE for you)...
  • Specific tools I use to create amazing book content fast (including FREE apps and websites that make it a breeze)...
  • The best topics to create your books on so they have a ready and willing audience waiting for them as soon as you publish...
  • checklistA FREE tool you can use to create titles for your Kindle Books (and other products too)...
  • An amazing tip that will get your content created faster than you could ever do by sitting down at the keyboard to "gut it out" and writing it all yourself...
  • Specific referrals on Fiverr for getting awesome Kindle and Print book covers done for $5 that look like you paid a LOT more for them...
  • The "magic" words to use at the beginning of your book to make your audience fall in love with your style and get in "sync" with your thoughts immediately...
  • Specific examples of how I've used this technique to create six-figure paydays in my own business...
  • How you can get started TODAY and have your own book DONE and published on Kindle by the end of the week...
  • The TRUTH about how long a Kindle book needs to be and what readers are actually looking for when they buy a book from you (and no, page count is NOT one of them)...
  • ... and much, MUCH More!

BONUS: Webinar Training
"34 Ways to Make Money With Your Own Ebook"

34waysmakemoneybookThis webinar will help you discover legitimate ways to make money with your book that don’t involve trying to get it on the NY Times best seller list (or even the Amazon best seller list)!

  • Specific strategies to make money WITH your book (sales, etc.)…
  • Specific tactics for making money BECAUSE you have written a book (big distinction here you need to know)…
  • Specific case studies of how I have made more money with a book I self-published than some authors who hit the Wall Street “Best Seller” List with a traditional publisher…
  • How to use a book to make money with BULK purchases
  • How “best-selling” authors REALLY make their money (and how you can just skip the BS and get straight to the money part
  • How to use a book to get all the publicity you want to the RIGHT people…
  • How to use a book to double the referrals people send you
  • How to use your book to get all the leads you could ever want for your business (No matter what business you’re in!)…
  • The #1 thing people who get your book will practically BEG to pay you for
  • … and much, MUCH More!
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If this software doesn’t help you to quickly create amazing interview books for Kindle with just 3 hours of total work… if it doesn’t save you HOURS of time staring at a blank screen and getting your thoughts organized… and if it doesn’t make creating amazing, original Kindle books copy-and-paste simple, then we don’t want your money… we’ll give it all back – no questions asked – no hard feelings!

We know this software will do exactly what we promise and so much more that we’ll let you use it for 30 days – put it to the test – and if it isn’t everything we say it is and more, you’ll get a full and complete refund!

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain for creating your own original Kindle books to explode your business profits… no matter what business you’re in!

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If you want to create your own, original, valuable, and unique Kindle books faster than you ever dreamed possible, this is THE TOOL that will change your life and make everything easier!

This is exactly what you want!


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PS - There really is NOTHING else left to tell you.

This is a great piece of software at an insane price.

You haven't seen a no-brainer offer like this since free paint jobs and body work at the demolition derby!

Grab your copy of this amazing wizard right now... you'll be glad you did 🙂

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